The Bio Gardens staff

The team behind Bio Gardens is very small but everyone working here is highly motivated, committed and hard-working.

The first programme coordinator of Bio Gardens was Ms Bbabinga M. Jubilee, from 2009 – 2012. Before her appointment, Bio Gardens was operating under the management committee without a secretariat in place. Masereka Emmanuel (left in the picture) is the current programme coordinator of Bio Gardens since 2012 to date. He was appointed from among the directors of Bio Gardens because of his knowledge in organic farming which he acquired from Uganda Martyrs University.

Thamwanzire Mary (right in the picture) is working with Bio Gardens as an Administrator since 2009. She also leads on the production of herbal medicine, handcrafts, savings / credit and as well as the tailoring group. Mary joined Bio Gardens after completing her Master craftsman’s course with Uganda Small Scale Industries (USSIA) in Kampala.

Kambere Asaph (centre in the picture) is working as the manager of the botanical garden. He looks after for the plants and organises the harvesting of the herbs for medicine.

Since 2012, Bio Gardens has been receiving international volunteers from Germany through the German NGO Artefact gGmbH. They work with Bio Gardens for a period of one year as part of the “Weltwärts” programme which is supported by the German government. They bring new ideas and help with different projects and in return they learn a lot from Bio Gardens and the community.

Bio Gardens would like to work with more volunteers from other partners. In 2016 we enjoyed having a volunteer from the US with us through a cooperation with the Foundation for Community Development and Empowerment (FCDE), one of our potential partners in Kasese.