Tailoring and handcrafts

Tailoring Group

K1600__1560749The tailoring group of Bio Gardens consists of some women who are members of the savings groups. After the savings they meet for tailoring. Bio Gardens has a sewing machine without electricity which they can use together. They use it for fixing their own clothes and sewing new clothes for themselves and their children so that they don’t need to go to a tailor which would be expensive for them. But they also produce bags from the Ugandan Kitenge fabrics with the nice colours and patterns. They try to sell those bags to get some extra income but it is difficult here and they can only get little money for them.
Since February 2017 we cooperate with two shops in Germany who buy our bags and sell them in their stores.


K1600__1640348Another important product of the tailoring group are the re-usable sanitary pads. It is really simple to sew those pads and you can do it by hand or with the machine. The common pads that you throw away after using are very expensive and cause a lot of waste which is a big problem in Uganda. Because the women and girls often can’t afford hygienic pads they stay at home during their menstruation period and the girls don’t go to school. These menstruation pads are washable and reusable if you use them well. Then it is more comfortable for the women during their period and the girls don’t have to keep away from school.


Handcrafts project

k1600_p1350232Some of the farmers are producing some crafts like baskets and at Bio Gardens; Thamwanzire Mary is producing paper beads for necklaces and other kinds of jewellery. Those things are sold to bring further income for Bio Gardens and the farmers.