Mushroom and poultry

Mushroom growing

k1600__1560475In Uganda, there is a big problem with malnutrition. People often don’t eat enough vegetables which causes vitamin deficiencies. Therefore mushrooms are a nice crop because they are very healthy and they also prevent you from getting many diseases.

As a new pilot project, Bio Gardens produces some spawns and then grows mushrooms from them to sell them to the farmers. We also want to show the farmers how to produce mushrooms that they can use them for their food and also sell them for income.

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Poultry keeping

k1600_p1350355For the poultry production, Bio Gardens gives ten buddies to a farmer. One of them should be male, three will be for getting young chicken and six will be for laying eggs which the farmers can eat and also sell if they produce many. When the chickens multiply, the farmer will pass ten young ones at an age of four months to the next farmer. So many farmers can sell some chicken and eggs; spread the project and at the same time earn some money.