New Savings cycle

k1600_p1390521The Savings cycle at Bio Gardens usually ends at the end of November each year. Then all the members get their money back and the interest is shared. The members also contribute for household items like mattresses, water drums or kitchen utensils to support one member at ago. The end of the year is also celebrated with a big meal by each group. Then some of the farmers cook lunch for the whole group in our kitchen and all sit together and enjoy the meal while talking and conversing together. This meal is contributed by all members.


k1600__1540001Now a new Savings cycle started. The community members have new saving goals for this cycle. In January 2017 a fourth group with more than 30 farmers was recruited. So in total Bio Gardens has around 130 community members now from the four groups. The fourth group was introduced to our work and norms. It meets the same day of the week with Group 3, we discussed different issues of livelihood and the situations of the farmers together.

k1600__1560292With the new year we also started a new system of not only recording the savings and loans in a hand-written book but also calculating it in the computer. That helps us to reduce mistakes and for having it safe.
The members have started their new savings now, many of them started with saving big amounts, and let’s hope that it helps them to improve their livelihood.

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